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Your Album, Your Design

My albums and prints use the highest quality papers and materials you can find on the market. 

All albums are custom designed to suit your taste using a variety of cover materials, colours and designs, from vintage leather to linen or a cover that features any photo from your wedding. We'll discuss in person regarding the design of your album so it is truly unique and personalised to you.


Once you receive your photos through your gallery you'll be able to choose which images you would like included in the album. I will then design the album layout and send through a digital preview in which you'll be able to give me a final approval before it's sent to the lab for printing and binding.

I offer two different Album types:

Master Fine Art

Matte Art



The Master Fine Art album are my top of the range albums and are absolutely stunning made to the highest standard possible. 


Lay flat and pigment printed on fine art cotton paper, the colour gamut in these albums is unparalleled and allows for the finest detail in your images. Each album is hand crafted using Italian book binding machines and techniques with a pure silk placeholder, personalised engravings on the front cover, translucent first page and the option for hand torn edges for a gorgeous vintage finish. The albums come with 50 pages minimum.

12x12 Inch Album: $1,400.00

12x16 Inch Album: $1,500.00


Matte ART Albums

My Matte Art Albums are still very high quality albums using premium paper and cover materials however they are slightly cheaper in price over the Master Fine Art album due to the paper type and lacking the extra features that the Master Fine Art offers. The Matte Art album is a lay flat design printed on luxurious dye based smooth matte paper with personalised engravings on the front cover. It comes with a minimum of 50 pages.

12x12 Inch Album: $1,000.00

16x12 Inch Album: $1,100.00

Prints + Boxes + Envelopes

Prints are all available to buy through the online gallery that your photos will be delivered through. Prices vary depending on the size and quality of the paper you would like. Paper options include semi gloss, matte and fine art with straight or torn edges. You can print any photo in any size from 4x6" all the way up to 40x60" (if you're keen for a huge wall mount print).

Pricing starts at $4.00 per 4x6" print (bulk prints will reduce the overall price of each single print). All pricing and options will be available to look at through your online gallery.

Print Boxes + Leather Envelopes + Silks

The linen print boxes can hold up to 100 photos and the leather envelopes can hold up to 60 photos. Both the print boxes and envelopes are available in a variety of different colours.

Single 4x6" Linen Print Box with Silk Wrap: $50.00

Single 5x7" Linen Print Box with Silk Wrap: $60.00

image-asset (1).jpeg

Leather Envelopes

I offer leather envelopes simply because they're cool. They'll hold up to 60 of your 4x6" or 5x7" prints.

Single Leather Envelope: $100.00

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