About Me  &  My Approach

Hey I'm Nik, a photographer based in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. I'm 30, an ex Australian swimming team athlete, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Screen and Media, over 100 weddings worth of experience, I'm part of the Tweed Coast Weddings select group of photographers that are considered the best on the Gold Coast and my entire life revolves around my craft (your wedding photos) so I can guarantee you're in good hands. 


To me wedding photography isn't about set up portrait photos but instead catching real connection throughout the non orchestrated moments of the day. I like your photos to be truly unique to your wedding and not just a bunch of cookie cutter staged photos. Random quirky photos that have personality and capture the true essence of your day result in a more interesting and non predictable set of images which is what I love to deliver.


 If you're after an honest set of photos that capture all the memories from your wedding without the photography dragging down the flow of the day then we'll likely be a really good match. My imagery is very intentional with a focus on documenting the day as it truly happens and capturing a feeling rather than turning it into a photoshoot of over directed images.


I take a lot of pride in the quality and polish of your images through both the way they are captured and edited. Hopefully you can see this when you look at my photos. My only priority is to ensure you have great images from your day while being extremely pleasant to be around.


If you would like me to shoot your wedding send me a message through my contact page or email me at info@nikolasdavidweddings.com with details about your plans and we'll get things rolling.