Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

Hey guys, I'm Nik, a Gold Coast based wedding photographer. I'm 29, an ex Australian swimming team athlete and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Screen and Media.

I guess this is the part where I'm supposed to give a huge spiel on why you should pick me over all the other wedding photographers out there but I don't really like talking myself up and I prefer my photos to do the talking. At the end of the day I just really enjoy taking banger photos, meeting new people, being a pleasant person to be around and delivering you guys a great variety of photos from your day that cover all of the key moments, and everything in between.

My mindset on weddings is that they're essentially a big party and the main priority on the day for you guys should be to have fun, be in the moment, spend as much time as possible hanging with your friends and family and to soak up as much of the energy as you possibly can, not away from everyone taking photos for 2 hours. The candid photos are always the best.

If this lines up with how you feel about your day then we'll likely be a good match. 

If you like my work and would like me to photograph your wedding, send me a message through my contact page or email me at and let's start chatting everything about your wedding.

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer Nik Preg

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer Nikolas David