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Hey I'm Nik a wedding photographer based in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. I'm 31 and have over 150 weddings worth of experience.

My approach to your day is extremely candid, down to earth and all about documenting your day as it truly happens with great, genuine photos of all the naturally occurring moments of your day without making your wedding about doing 100 different portrait photos.


The biggest thing that I want you guys to know is the love that I have for the craft behind legitimately good, captivating, candid photography. Photos that are bespoke, specific and individualised to your wedding day and not cookie cutter or cliche. Photos that will hold your attention and photos that will be meaningful to you and your families. Edited with great colour and timeless black and whites. Hopefully you guys can see the passion and quality control I have for this through my portfolio.


I also really enjoy taking heaps of great photos of all your guests throughout the day, especially during cocktail hour and your reception. Definitely check out my guests at weddings and direct flash galleries to see examples of these pics. So if good photos of all your friends and family are also important to you we'll likely be a really good match.

Overall I’ll deliver a wonderful well rounded collection of photos from your day that encapsulate the essence of your day and include spontaneous photos of you and your partner throughout the day, a whole lot of photos of all your guests having a great time, photos that set the vibe, all the key moments, all the unexpected moments, photos of your ceremony styling and reception decor, and of course photos with you and your partner together where we’ll go for a walk around the block/the venue and take some nice, natural pics of you guys hanging out.


I'm super aware of the importance of this day to you and your families and I shoot your wedding knowing that the images I produce will be with you for the rest of your lives.​ Your day is really important to me as well.

​Apart from that, ​I'm a normal dude​ (well I like to think haha)​ with an outgoing personality and I always ensure to get along well with your friends and family which inherently results in better photos of everyone. Basically, if your friends and family are comfortable with me, they'll be comfortable in front of my camera, which is a huge part of how I get such interactive photos of everyone. I'll do all of this while making sure I don't become the centre of attention on your day.

Me^ with some guests at the end of a wedding in case you needed evidence that I'm not a weirdo 😂 but also I'm more than happy to grab a coffee and meet before locking anything in incase you'd like to vibe check.

A little extra about me


Outside of photography I live a pretty simple, minimalist life. I basically just hang out with mates, drink coffee at various cafes (almost every day, slightly addicted), spend time with family and hit the gym daily. So yeah I guess kind of an average life outside of shooting weddings lol. But all of my fulfilment in my life comes from producing you guys with great photos from your day, literally.

Other things about me

I'm an ex Australian swimming team athlete, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Screen and Media and I'm part of Tweed Coast Weddings, a select group of photographers that are considered the best on the Gold Coast.

So yeah that's everything about me! Definitely check out my homepage and galleries to see the variety and style of photos I'll deliver to you guys and if you decide you would like me to be your photographer send me an email to or a message through my contact page. I'd love to hear from you.

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