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Hey guys, I'm Nik, a Gold Coast wedding photographer based in Palm Beach. I'm 29, an ex Australian swimming team athlete and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Screen and Media.


I'm not a huge fan of talking a lot about myself but I'll say this. There's nothing that I enjoy more than taking incredible photos on your day that ensure you and your partner look great while shooting the day exactly as it happens without forcing any unnatural photos, like, literally at all. I pride myself on producing images with flawless composition and meaning. I'll deliver an incredibly good variety of photos that include all of the key and real moments from your day.

Apart from that, I simply enjoy meeting new people, having a good time, bringing good energy to your day and fitting in well with your friends and family. 

I limit the number of weddings I shoot to 25 per year. This ensures every wedding I shoot gets all of my love, attention and care which ultimately means better photos for you.

I'm more than happy (and I do recommend) to grab a coffee and meet before locking anything in to make sure you're happy with the way I approach the photography on the day.


Take a look around and if you like my work and would like me to shoot your wedding, send me a message through my contact page or email me at info@nikolasdavidweddings.com and let's start chatting about your day.

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer Nikolas David