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These are just a few questions that I get asked frequently. If you have any others let me know in your enquiry!

Do you do family photos on the day?


Yes definitely. We'll usually do these after the ceremony.

How many photos will we get?

There's no limit on the number I'll deliver however on average I usually deliver between 500-600 photos but this could be more depending on the events of your day! Sometimes I deliver up to 800 and it really depends on a number of different factors specific to your wedding including number of guests at your wedding, how hard the dance floor pops off and a few other factors as well. Overall I deliver a really beautiful, well rounded collection of images that cover absolutely everything from your day including a lot of photos of all your guests having a great time!


What's your approach to the photos with my partner and I?

Extremely casual and down to earth. We basically go for a walk around your venue/the block and we'll stop at a few spots with nice light and scenery/background and I'll give you guys a bit of direction and throw in some banter and we'll get a bunch of nice cute pics of you guys standing around without it taking too much time away from your friends and family. I don't really do any typical "wedding" or overly posed photos as I think that's just kinda weird and isn't my style. Realistically with my approach and intuitive mindset on the day, I'm going to snap so many great candid photos of you guys together naturally throughout the day that we really don't need to take a million photos during this part of the day. So we'll get a few great ones and then head back to cocktail hour and your reception!

Do you take bridal party photos?

Yep definitely, if you guys have a bridal party we'll usually go off and take some pics before the pics with you and your partner. We'll take a few nice ones with everyone together, pop a bottle of champagne (always makes for a cool pic) and then a few of everyone just hanging out so you'll get both semi-formal and more casual bridal party pics. Plus I take a heap of spontaneous pics that involve your bridal party throughout the day as well so you'll get those as well. Perfect!

Do you do engagement shoots?

I am currently not taking bookings for engagement shoots. This is mainly due to the amount of time love and care I put into each wedding I shoot which doesn't leave me with a lot of time for anything else.

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