Do you do family photos on the day?


Yes definitely. We'll usually do these after the ceremony.

How many photos will we get?

There's no limit on the number I'll deliver. On average I deliver 400-500 photos but this could be less or more depending on the events of your day.

Overall, the value of my images is not found in the quantity of photos delivered but instead the quality of the moments I capture.

What's your approach to the photos with my partner and I?

Very casual and natural. We quite literally go for a walk around the block/your venue and stop at a few different spots and generally just have a good time. I let you guys hang out for a bit and connect naturally. How much time we spend on these is entirely up to you guys, I usually recommend 30 mins to get a nice variety of photos of you guys together. This is something we'll chat about at our meeting. I also take so many "off guard" "portrait" photos of you guys throughout the day when you don't expect it so you'll have a great variety of portrait photos from all the different parts of the day as well.

Do you do engagement shoots?

Engagement shoots are something I currently don't offer. All of my time, love and priority goes into each of the weddings I shoot which leaves me with little time for anything else.

These are the only questions I get asked frequently. If you have any others let me know in your enquiry.