Can we meet you before booking?

Definitely. If you feel more comfortable meeting me to make sure we get along before locking anything in we'll grab a coffee on the Gold Coast and we'll start chatting some prelim plans about your wedding. I don't really like doing skype/zoom meetings because there's almost always technical problems that make it hard to talk properly. Meeting in person is much smoother and a better vibe.

How many photos will we receive?

I don't limit the number of photos you'll receive but on average around 500-600, but every wedding is different so give or take 50 or so depending on your plans, number of guests and bridal party numbers. They'll all be delivered through a beautiful online gallery where you'll be able to download all of the full res, print ready versions as well as versions that are optimised for socials.

Why the wait?

I edit all of your photos myself and I don't outsource any part of my workflow. I pride myself on delivering very polished photos and to do this, it does take a bit of extra time, but, its worth it.  For me, the editing of your photographs is just as important as the photography itself. The last thing I'd want to do is deliver you sub-par images just to get them to you quickly. This is why I deliver 10-20 photos within four days, so you don't have to wait the full 8-12 weeks before you see any photos.

Do you offer engagement shoots?

As much as I'd love to, I generally don't offer them. All of my focus is on weddings. The amount of time I put into planning, shooting and editing each wedding doesn't leave me with a lot of spare time for anything else. 

What's your back up process for the photos?

I shoot with cameras that all have dual memory cards which means all of your photos are backed up immediately in real time. I instantly have two copies of all your photos as soon as they're taken. When I get back to my studio I back up the photos on three different hard drives including one off site hard drive (in case of the complete off chance that my studio burns down).  I will always have three copies of all your photos, in multiple locations up until they are delivered to you.

How many hours will you be at our wedding?

For full day coverage there is no limit on time. I consider your wedding day too important to limit the hours. I'll usually start my coverage 3 hours before the ceremony start time. I'll start with the boys getting ready and then make my way over to the girls. I stay until the end of the night once I've covered every major part of the day as well as the dancing, partying and sparkler exit (if you're keen to do one). Not limiting the hours means if there are any delays in scheduling, I'm not just going to leave at a specific time. Which helps to keep things relaxed throughout the day.

How long until we receive our photos?

I'll send you through a handful of photos (10-20) within four days of your wedding. The rest will be sent through within 8-12 weeks depending on my workload at the time.

What's your covid policy?

If your wedding has to be rescheduled due to covid restrictions or a lockdown, the deposit can be used towards a new date. There won't be any additional booking fees and we'll work out a new date that works for both of us. 

Will I have the printing rights to the photos?

Yeah definitely. I don't believe in restricting your photos from you in any way. They're your photos. I do offer very high quality prints through the gallery I deliver your photos to. However you don't have to print them through me, you can print them wherever you like.

What gear do you use?

I shoot with the best gear on the market and I stay up to date with the latest gear to ensure you are getting the absolute best quality images possible. For those curious, I shoot with a Canon R5 and R6 and generally use a 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2 and 85mm 1.2 all day.

How do we book?

Once you decide you would like to go ahead send through an email or a message through my contact page and we'll go from there. I take a $700.00 deposit to secure the date and I'll send through a contract. Once the contract is signed and deposit made, that will lock your date with me. We'll then organise the best time to meet, usually over coffee. This is where we'll discuss your vision for the day and we'll plan how the photography will work specifically tailored to it.

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer Nikolas David