Do you do family photos on the day?



How many photos will we get?

The answer to this is very specific to your day so I can never place a minimum or maximum number of images I'll deliver. My goal is to capture your day in its entirety (including photos of your decor and styling) in the most meaningful and significant set of images possible. Being able to curate a well thought out and concise gallery that best retells the events of your day without you being overwhelmed with too many images is very much part of my craft. On average I deliver 300-400 photos but this could be less or more depending on the events of your day. Overall, the value of my images is not found in the quantity of photos delivered but instead the quality of the moments I capture.

Whats your approach to the photos with my partner and I?

We quite literally go for a walk around the block/your venue and stop at a few different spots and I basically just let you guys hang out for a bit and take some natural, non overly directed, non overly posed photos. The photos end up being more real and true to who you guys are as a couple. 

Do you do engagement shoots?


These are the only questions I get asked frequently. If you have any others let me know in your enquiry.