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Photos with Drawcards

Do you guys see why this is a good photo?

I want to take the time to talk about my mindset towards what I believe makes a photograph legitimately good.


Sometimes I think people don't have the eye for a good photograph. So I'll explain my mindset towards what makes a good photo.


A good photo has a drawcard. It draws you in because of that "feeling" that "something" within the frame. An expression, a gesture, the action, the composition. These things make up a good photograph and when a photograph is good it rises above the average. Not every photo has a drawcard. But when they do, they shine and thats when a good photo is produced.


In regards to this photo, the drawcard is the expression and the gesture. A cold wind results in a jacket wrap around from their partner. A true sign of affection and the expression to accompany.


This photo captured that exact gesture, that exact moment, that exact feeling. Thats why its a good photograph. Its unusual, but its real.


I find myself only ever drawn to these kind of spontaneous, unplanned photos these days.


I'll explain another.



Photos with drawcards are king in good photography. 

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